Expenditure & Advice

The functions allocated to the Finance Department are as follows:-

1. Fiscal policy and financial management.
2. Preparation of Budget and annual statement of accounts
3. Re appropriation of funds
4. Appropriation of accounts
5. Follow up on the report of Comptroller and Auditor General of India
6. Internal Audit of Finance and accounts of govt. departments and funded organizations
7. Expenditure Sanctions and review of expenditure
8. Allotment of funds for conveyance and HBA
9. Public debt management
10. Banking and Institutional Finance
11. Trade, services and international trade
12. Taxation policy
13. Taxes on intoxicating liquors, narcotic drugs, opium and dangerous drugs
14. Taxes on luxury items, entertainment, amusement, betting and gambling
15. Taxes on land other than land revenue
16. Taxes on sale and purchase of goods
17. Excise duties on alcoholic liquors for human consumption, opium, Indian hemp and other narcotic drugs
18. Stamp duty
19. Money lending
20. National Small Savings
21. Presiduary work of lotteries and compulsory deposit schemes
22. Public Accounts Committee and other committees of the legislatures
23. Foreign exchange
24. Chit funds and non banking financial companies
25. Central Finance Commission
26. Central Pay Commission